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My services

Small legal counsel

I see myself as a small, independent legal counsel, that thinks not only economic in the sense of my clients, but also is almost always available, either via telephone and / or email and quickly develop solutions to your tasks.

Remuneration for value or subject to time

Basically, my fee is calculated according to the Lawyers' Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz - RVG) according to the amount at issue, as is usual with freelancers.
Alternatively, I offer my clients a transparent billing by time, at an hourly rate.

If you need independent legal advice, I also offer advice on contracts to billing by the hour, also known as retainer, i.e. payment of a fixed amount for a contingent of consulting hours, which is agreed upon individually.

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Wallstraße 31 · 46535 Dinslaken - Germany
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